{Collins} KWM2A Sation For Sale

I have a late Collins Winged Emblem KWM2A for sale. It has the factory =20
plug-in relays. The SN is 16839. It belonged to a friend of mine who =20
purchased it about 7 years ago. He got a 516F2 Power Supply with it, =20
but the Power Supply cable to the transceiver had been soldered onto =20
the power supply plug of the transceiver and when they got ready to =20
ship it to my friend, they cut the power supply cable. He never tried =20
to use the transceiver and it has set for the past 7 years. I have =20
cleaned it up and checked it out the best I can. I currently don't =20
have another 516F2 to test it with, and I don't have a plug to install =20
on this PS. So I am selling it as is.
I did clip the wires from the transceiver power plug that were left on =20
the plug after the cable was cut. The transceiver plug looks fine, but =20
there is some solder that will have to be cleaned off before a 516F2 =20
is plugged into it. The 516F-2 that came with this set will have to =20
have a new plug installed on it.
The transceiver looks good. The cabinet has the original finish and is =20
nice. There have been some touch up work done to it. The Front Panel =20
looks good as well. It has a few spots on it. The Band Switch Knob has =20
been put on too tight at some time and a mark has been made in the =20
plate behind the switch. The chassis looks very clean and all the =20
controls are tight and don't indicate excessive wear or use. I think =20
that it probably works, but may need some work and a good alignment. =20
It should make a nice transceiver. Asked to see pictures.

I am selling this station as a unit for $775 or I will brake it up as follow=
1. KWM2A with original manual, Crystals indicate that it was made in =20
1966, $575;
2. 516F-2 Power Supply, needs plug on the cable to connect to KWM-2 or =20
S-Line. The power supplys looks original. It is in nice shape. The top =20
choke has a 8-65 date code on it. The caps look original so it may =20
need to be recapped. Price is $175;
3. 516F-2 Cabinet. The cabinet is Winged. It has quiet a few dings on =20
the top that will need to be worked out and the cabinet repainted. The =20
trim ring is metal and looks good as does the Winged Collins name tag =20
and The front grill. Price is $50.

I have several picture of these pieces. If your interested in all or =20
part of this station, please e-mail me for pictures.
Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX CCA #00307

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