{Collins} 32S3 Drive Problem

I have a 32S3 that abruptly lost grid drive while I was peaking up the rack.

Conditions: Tune Position
                   5R4 removed in P/S
                   PA Disable Jumper Pulled
                   Zero Grid Drive
                   Negative ALC (below zero)
                   Voltages and Resistance Measurements on V2 look good
                   Good Oscillator Levels
                   Using a scope to trace the tone

I do not have tone from the tone oscillator on the grid of V2 Pin 9 but I 
do have it at the mike gain pot. I also have tone going into the bfo module 
that is in the shielded area under V2. I have removed the shield to try to 
get in there to see but the components are stacked very tight.

I was wondering if anyone has ever ran into this problem and can offer any 
hints and advice..

Thanks In Advance,

Bill N3WM

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