{Collins} Re: 51j-4 or R-388 tuning slug question

Per the suggestions of several who answered my original question, I set 
up and experiment using one of the slug tuned circuits for the RF stage 
that I pulled from my R-388 parts unit.

I ran the output of my 8640b signal generator through a series 
connection of a 10k resistor and the parallel tuned circuit that I 
pulled from the R-388 parts unit.  I set the signal generator for a 
frequency in the middle of the correct range for that tuned circuit.  I 
then hooked a high impedance scope probe to both terminals of the tuned 
circuit so I could see the amplitude of the signal across the tuned circuit.

I tried parts unit slugs from all the different RF amplifier frequency 
ranges into the single coil I had pulled from the parts unit, and found 
that they all resonated at exactly the same position.  Even the slugs 
from the low frequency tuning rack worked in this way, although they 
won't work installed in the high frequency part of the RF section of the 
receiver itself because the wires that connect the slugs to the 
adjusting screws on the low frequency rack too short.

So the answer is that all the tuning slugs in the 51-J / R-388 series 
are the same, except for the length of the wires connecting them to the 
adjusting screws.

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