{Collins} KWS-1 Driver's

 In the ongoing troubleshooting of my KWS-1 I discovered that R231 the
screen resistor to the 6CL6 drivers was reading over 5400 ohms instead of
4700. At this time I was able to clip out the old resistor and temporarily
substitute a new one in it's place. I finally had grid drive for all of 30
seconds then poof no more output out of the drivers. I have almost 5 volts
RF at J-207 and around 600 to 700 milivolts RF at J-201 instead of the 30 to
40 volts I saw when I had grid drive and this is on all band positions. I
have measured plate voltage and screen voltage and they are close to what
the book calls for. I have swapped out both driver tubes with the same
results. I have carefully looked to make sure a tube pin wasn't touching
something it shouldn't be. The only thing I can think of is a cap has either
opened or shorted possibly somewhere?

Thank You
Tom Elmore
Anchorage, Alaska

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