{Collins} Re: Collins 75A4 Seven Deadly Caps

Nope, looks like an error in Chuck's list!

C34 is the problem cap, 100 pF coupling cap from V2 to Grid 3 of V3 
(6BA7), Pin 7.

Pin 3 is the Cathode of V3.

Whoulda' thunk after all these years.!?!?

73, Garey - K4OAH
Glen Allen, VA

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Bill Carns wrote:
> Have you looked at the pin diagram in the tube manual? I do not have mind
> out of storage yet, but are these pins common inside the tube? If so, this
> is a common practice.
> Bill
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> > anyone notice that the C34 in the recommended changes is NOT on pin 3
> > but on pin 7 of V3?   Bob
> >
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