{Collins} Collins collection for sale

Greetings to all,
        The wife has finally decided to move to the country.  I am faced with moving my collection, or selling it.  I am offering KW-1, SR # 77, KWS-1, SR # 713, complete SC-101 (312A-2, 68Y-1, and 534A-1) , 
and 75A-4, SR # 5768, for sale.  These pieces, with the exception of the 75A-4, have all been completely restored by Howard Mills.  They are immaculate, 10's by Collins standards.   Again, with the exception of the 75A-4, these units have not been turned on since getting them back from Howard Mills. 

        I prefer to sell as one package.  I will consider delivery within the continental US.  Foreign packing and shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Individual prices will be: KW-1, $25,000.00;  KWS-1, $7,500.00; SC-101, $7,500.00; and 75A-4, $2,500.00.   Will sell the entire package for   $35,000.00.  I will be glad to send pictures to any serious buyer.

73 de K5JV, Lon Cottingham

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