{Collins} 75A-2 Cap kit

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I have had a number of requests to put together a cap kit for the 75A-2. =
 I purchased a 75A-2 and used it as a guide for capacitor replacement.  =
The 75A-2 cap kit is now available @ $33.90
plus shipping and like all my other kits it includes the electrolytic =
can.  A list is included showing the value of the cap and the Collins =
part number on the schematic that it replaces for each capacitor.  =
Please see the attached list and testimonial by Bob Littleton.

As an introductory offer, I will charge only $5 for shipping UPS to the =
first ten people who commit to purchasing a 75A-2 kit.  Anyone who ships =
UPS especially to a residence knows that it is much more than the $5.  =
Buy any other kit(s) at the same time and I will ship the additional =
kit(s) at no extra charge for shipping up to 1 pound total for all kits. =
 Keep in mind this is only for the first ten orders for a 75A-2 kit

73 for now
Chuck Hurley
274 Fruit St.
Mansfield, MA  02048

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