{Collins} Re: My S'line

>And remember never ever bury your gear in a concrete vault in the back yard
>with the intent of leaving it to some family member 50 years from now.
>(those from Tulsa know what I am talking about) of course that's assuming
>SSB will still be around in 2057 or the line voltage won't have gone up
>another 20 % on top of what we see today or 60 cycles will still be the
>standard frequency of AC power generation or the vacuum in the vacuum tubes
>will stood be good after almost 90 + years but I digress.

Inasmuch as only the good die young, SSB will be around forever. ;-)

Power can be converted.

The Tulsa car burial was very poorly done and GOOD burial tech is very 
reliable. The funeral industry has many choices at pretty good prices if you 
buy wholesale. The same tech scales up nicely for cars and aircraft.

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