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I picked  up a small chassis that has several vacuum tubes that has a Collins 
Radio  nameplate listing the part # as 40K-1, but no power supply.  Does 
anyone  know what it may be?  It also looks like it may have a cavity mounted on  
the top.  Ron, W6QM, Cerritos, CA, CCA 00084 

The 40K-1 Oscillator is a component of the KWT-6/URC-32 transceivers. It  was 
used as an option; the transceivers had a less-stable oscillator built in.  
For spot-on accuracy, the 40K-1 was included and a buffer replaced the built in 
 100 KC oscillator.
The "cavity" you mention is actually an oven containing a 1 MC crystal  
oscillator which is the output frequency of the 40K-1. The heater is driven by  an 
audio frequency power source and you can hear the thing "singing" about 1 KC  
when it's operating.
There was a separate power supply, 426A-1 and a 10:1 frequency  divider, 8U-1 
as part of the high stability package. The KWT-6/URC-32  requires a 100 KC 
external standard, hence the 10:1 divider.
The 426A-1 powered both the oscillator and divider. It's capacity is 250 to  
300 Volts @ 220 mA, 150 Volts regulated @ 36 mA and 6.3 Volts AC @ 8.5 Amps, 
so  you know what the 40K-1 needs to feed it.
I don't know how common they were but my KWT-6 has the High Stability  
Oscillator package on it.
I hope this information is interesting and perhaps helpful.
Jim Young, W8MAQ
CCA since 1994

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