{Collins} Re: Spam

Larry that is a "cheap' shot at Paul and the BOD.  YES the members voted to 
open the reflector,  go back and look at the vote tally, The previous 
heavily moderated reflector was the pits,  post took hours or days to get 
thru  if you were not on the bad boy list,  even now if your on the bad boy 
list with few exceptions the offender is notified of his infraction..

To my count since the reflector was declared open, mid January 07'  this has 
happened twice. { Spam } that is not really a high incident rate Larry, 
'Bombarded' seems to hardly fit 2 times, VS. the new active interchange 
level that is enjoyed particularly by the newer readers looking for help, 
this reflector has gained CONSIDERABLE readers SINCE it was opened up,  I 
will quantify considerable readers, as in the 280-300 reader number, vs. 
before when it was heavily moderated, offenders were left to wonder if their 
post just went of in the Ethernet,  never receiving a response for their 
perceived infraction,  No this reflector is running just fine as it is .. 
It's gonna stay this way for a lot longer..

Warm regards  mac/mc  w5mc

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> Hi All,
> You know that you have asked to be bombarded with this "Stuff"?   When the
> reflector was moderated the moderators did their job and kept this and all
> the other non-related Collins stuff off of here. The CCA Reflector 
> archives
> are a wealth of information and now that is reduced greatly because of all
> the non-Collins related crap that is on here.
> Maybe we should all thinking about what we really want to read???
> Do you want to be able to bitch at the BoD in front of the world or do you
> want to read only Collins related material and not how Aunt Martha's warts
> are doing.
> Tell the BoD what you want and let's see if they listen.
> Moderated list without this stuff.
> Non-Moderated list with this stuff and please quit griping (no bitching)
> about it because YOU make it that much worse.
> 73 Larry WA9VRH
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