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I did some research on the KWM-1 and its accessories a couple of years ago, and here's what I found:

The 399B-1 ?DX Adapter? allowed split-frequency operation of the KWM-1. (An ?export model,? differences unknown to me, was labeled the 399B-2.) The 399B-3 ?Novice Adapter? provided crystal control of the KWM-1 transmitter section to comply with restrictions for Novice class licensees who wanted to use the KWM-1 15-meter CW operation in the 1950s.

There is substantial evidence to suggest that those accessories were developed, at least in part, to allow the military to use the KWM-1 in U2 spy planes, which had cockpits so cramped that the transceiver had to be mounted with the front-panel controls out of direct reach of the pilot.

By the way, while ham lore has it that the U2 piloted by Francis Gary Powers that was shot down over Russia carried a KWM-1, that doesn't seem to have been the case in fact. Powers' mission was a CIA operation, and the CIA was so concerned about secrecy when flying over enemy territory that it didn't equip its U2s with any long-range radio gear. However, Art Collins' good friend Gen. Curtis LeMay did have KWM-1s installed in some U2s operated by his Strategic Air Command. SAC used its U2s to sniff for Russian and Chinese nuclear tests -- but supposedly always in international air space.


Mike, K0MYW

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> Wasn't that called the Novice Adapter?
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>   I have for sale the following parts for a KWM-1: one Model 399B DX Adapter 
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> shipping, which should not be too much as they are small. Jab K5CNZ

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