{Collins} Re: URC-32 For Sale?

Title: URC-32 For Sale?

John Deegan wrote, wanting to find a AN-URC 32, and also wrote, well typed  - - -

A long time ago, I was responsible for the care and feeding of a -32 in a Fletcher-class destroyer.

John, I can only wish I do.

Another long time ago I was one of the care givers for two of the best communications instruments I ever encountered while in service, and serving aboard a Hull Class Can, 1964-66

USS Morton, DD 948, Saltiest Ship in the Fleet. They area around, you’ll hear them before you see them.

Not sure where I’d put it though. My home currently is my ship, a 33’ trawler. Barely room for the Admiral, the Crew and the Ships Feline.


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