{Collins} 32S-3 TX Loading question/issue

I am in the process of checking out a RE 32S-3 and have a question/problem...
This TX doesn't seem to load up quite right. I remember using it a year or so ago and all was well. This is a super nice RE 32S-3 and I have used it on the air fine before..

1) Same symptoms on all bands
2) When I tune her up all goes well during the initial tune up in TUNE
3) When I switch to LOCK KEY the plate dips fine, the exiter peaks fine
4) As long as I keep increasing the MIC GAIN the drive (plate current) keeps climbing, and climbing all the way to the right hand peg of the meter.  The plate still dips fine.
I don't let it stay there long, of course.
5) When I stop with the MIC GAIN at 230ma or so, with the pate dipped the output into the dummy load is only 60 watts.
6) If I go ahead drive it up more I can get 100 wats out, but the plate current is pretty high (350-400)
7) The load control does increase loading and output, but once again if I stop loading at 230 ma (or even 300ma) the output is not up t snuff. Seems like the drive level is controlling the output as much or more than the loading.
8) I have tried 2 different sets of finals, the driver has been replaced.
9) RF alignment went fine, the final and driver neutralization went fine. Feedback adj went fine. Nothing funny has happened like oscillation.
10) Tried 2 different 516-F2's

Other than this issue the TX seems to work fine. Have not got a report on air yet, but I think the modulation is fine.

How I remember it should work is the MIC GAIN only increases the output so much, then it's up to how the PA is loaded on how much output I make.

Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated?

CCA 11412

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