{Collins} Equipment Service

I have learned slowly(but I have learned!) that you can expect most Collins gear bought on EBAY, and even thru EHAM, and QTH to either not work, or be in need of help.  Not being an elec. tech., I have had to rely on the services of several individuals, listed on the Collins site.  This has not been inexpensive, running on average $500 per unit, so I now mentally add that to the price of what ever I am thinking of buying.  The 51S-1 that I bought from the Lawyer in upstate New York was very pretty on the outside, but required nearly $1,000 to get back in order.  It is an early white meter face unit, and in now a real treasure.  I would like to acknowledge the services of Steve Berman (N6HK) who has worked on my KWM-2, 75S-3B’s, and 32S-3’s, and Charlie Talbott (K3ICH) the wizard of the 51S-1’s.  You’re the best, and thanks for the help!




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