{Collins} 32S-3 Problem update - high plate ma. reading FIXED Thanks to Glen Zook

OK folks.... wow... I changed all (6) of the cathode resistors (12ohms) per Glen Zook's suggestion... 32S-3 meter now reads perfecty!

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the 32S-3 TX, only the meter was reading incorrectly.

Makes sense beause I used it about a year ago and it worked perfectly...

Oh, FYI those darn resisors read 18-20 Ohms each instead of the 12 Ohms..
That's a lot of difference! Makes sense why the meter read wrong since the bridge was way off.
I also checked the 2 resistors in series with the meter and they were fine... looks like those 6 are sussepable to change per Glen.

Thanks to Glen and all others who helped as well.

Wow, would Art be proud of this group!

CCA 11412

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