{Collins} KWM-2 Help



I just purchased a KWM-2 on eBay.


I am asking your help because I am sight impaired and while I could struggle through this process it will take me

10 times as long. I am just looking for the obvious not a free repair. Just don’t want to over look a set up connection

That might be causing my problem.




The radio lights up but is dead. No headphone sound with volume full, not even hum. All filaments light, The jumper

For the noise blanker is in place. The noise blanker power socket has + 300 and – 70 volts.


Is there a PTT or St-By jumper that needs to be in place. It came with a 30-L1 but I have not connecter it. Perhaps a

Mute jumper  from the 30L-1 needs to be in place ??


It looks to be in very good condition so I don’t think it is a basket case. Hi hi



Blind Harry  (hi hi)




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