{Collins} RFI problems

Hello all,
    This is an interesting thread regarding rfi problems.  I have inverted -v dipoles on both sides of the house.
When I run the net on 3805 using my SB-220 with 1200 w out, my CO2 detector chirps along with my modulation. Since it plugs directly into the wall, I don't have the option to add ferrite cores. I just unplug it
prior to net time. Knock on wood; I haven't had any complaints from my neighbors even when running my
350W am rig.
     One thing to note, back in the old days, you could add caps across audio amplifier outputs to bypass
rf.  You don't want to do this with solid-state audio amplifiers since this can cause the amp to break into
ultrasonic oscillation. Shielded cables to speakers can have the same effect as well.  Ferrite cores around
the speaker leads are the only way to go.
      Basically, the further you can keep your antenna(s) away from the neighbors houses, the better. Of
course with the rules on rf exposure, this is a wise thing to do!
                                                                                                             Vy 73,
                                                                                                          Rich WB3JLK

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