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Rene, Maybe I can help a little. There is an extension cord. I do not know the part number right off hand. I have one that I use and I think it is about 8 feet long if I remember correctly. They are very seldomly seen however. I have only run across 1 in the 20 years I have been collecting, so I would pursue the build route. I believe that there is someone that has the wire available. Hopefully they will emerge due to this want you put out. I am thinking that it might have been Glen Zook.
Good luck with your hunt.
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Subject: {Collins} 516F-2 PS extention cord

I would like to mount my 516 power supply on the shelf provided in my 30S-1.
The problem is that the cable that goes from the 516 to the 32S-1 is only
about four feet long. Did Collins ever make an "extension cord" for this purpose?
If not, is the multi-conductor cable still available so I can replace my short cable?
Anyone know the original length of this cable?

Thanks for any info.

Rene Morris

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