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Too bad some effort could not been made to properly compensate the owner here with a reasonable amount of money obtained by donations to have this equipment put back on the Saratoga which is becoming a museum.

I am sure the museum committee is inundated with requests for their limited budget so it is probably up to those who cherish preservation of history to stem up.

A few years ago Art Collins boat showed up in Anacortes, WA (near my home) as it was sold and the new owner wanted it refurbished. It still had all the Collins equipment on board and was destined for the scrap heap. I put several notices on this reflector as well as the Sunday net but no one was at all interested so off it went to the scrap salvage..

I guess the current generation does not have interests in preserving history...............too bad.

Norm W7LFA

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 07:28:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: paul hendershott <pjhender2002@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: {Collins} OT: FS: Collins S-Line US Navy

For Sale: Outstanding Collins S-Line Station from the USS Saratoga (CV-60). Own a piece of US Naval History. Please look at the link below for a history of the famed aircraft carrier. This station saw many years of service aboard the ship and was maintained by the navy to exacting standards. I've had the pleasure of speaking with and meeting a few of the men who operated the station over the years making QSO's all over the world and setting up phone patches for the crew while stationed around the globe.

This Collins S-Line is in Beautiful Cosmetic and Operational condition. The station has been re-capped & re-tubed where required, and aligned by a professional broadcast engineer and meets or exceeds manufacturer specs. This station includes the following: 32S-1 SSB/CW Transmitter, 75S-1 AM/SSB/CW Receiver, 30L-1 Linear Amplifier, 312B-4 Station Console/Phone Patch/Speaker, and 516F-2 AC Power Supply.

Please reply to pjhend@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with any offer if interested.


Thanks for taking a look! 73 Paul W9BBR

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