{Collins} Astatic D-104 wiring for Collins 32S-3

Hi everyone: 
I have just become a new member of the CCA and I am very happy to be here.  I have just acquired the rig of my dreams, full S-Line less 30L1.  I would appreciate some help in wiring up an Astatic D 104 with a T-UG9 Base to the traditional mic plug (PJ 068).  I have a copy of the original schematic of the T-UG9 base and have traced the circuitry and have found it to be correct.  I have also acquired information from a web source listing various wiring diagrams for the D-104.  Using what information I have found so far, I wired the mic but it apparently will not trigger the relay.  I have wired it as follows:
Red Wire to tip.
White Wire to ring
Blue Wire and Shield to Sleeve (wired together)
As an added note; I know the mic is in good condition because I have used it on my Kenwood 830S rig.
I would like to know if the above is the correct method of wiring this mic to a 32S-3 and if not I would appreciate anyone who can assist me in determining which wires from the base go where.

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