{Collins} Re: 75S-3B with KWM-2

Yes, it works fine. I do it with a -2A and a 75S-1.
John Painter
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Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 8:56 PM
Subject: {Collins} 75S-3B with KWM-2

First, let me say hello to the group. I have just recently joined the association (today!) and have had a S-Line back in the 70's (should have kept it for sure).
I now have some more Collins radios, a KWM-2 (WE) and a 75S-3B (RE). I would like to have the 75S-3B work in conjunction with the KWM-2, so I can work split frequency. I see in the receiver manual that I can do this, but am wondering if this will work like I want: listen on the separate receiver and transmit on the transceiver? I have become use to my Kenwood TS-570 performing the split frequency function so easily, that I would like to do something similar with the Collins setup. Does anyone have experience with this setup and can mention their results?
Roger White
Murphy, Texas

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