{Collins} Dayton 2008

Hi Gang,
Well, we're getting down to the wire and this time next week we will be getting ready for dinner about now. Actually, the cash bar will open up at 6:00 and we will be serving dinner at 6:45. This will give us some time for an update on the web site by Brian Sokol KA9SRK as well as a word from our new President, Paul Kluwe W8ZO. Shortly after that which should be around 8:00 Floyd Soo W8RO and Rod Blocksome K0DAS are teaming up to give us a grand tour of the Hammond museum along with it's history rich in Ham Radio lore and a taped interview with Fred Hammond himself. After the presentation we will have some nice door prizes to hand out as well as a possible raffle item or two in the mix. By 10:00 we should be wrapping things up and heading home for a good night's rest before the big day on Saturday when the hunt for goodies begins in earnest. Don't forget to stop by the CCA booth (#459) and booth spaces 187 and 192 which will be the location of Jim Stitzinger's restored Collins demo van. With any luck we will have strung an antenna out the door and have the demo station on the air for you to enjoy. As always, don't forget to stop in to the hospitality suite located in the observation deck of the Holiday Inn North on Thursday and Saturday evenings. We will have a nice array of goodies including cheese/fruit trays, buffalo wings, and meatballs along with a self serve soft drink bar. Cocktails can of course be brought up from the lounge if desired. Bring along your appetite! This is going to be one of the best Dayton's yet and if you would like to sneak in under the wire with your banquet reservations, PayPal is the only way to get the job done now since we have to shut things down very soon. Have a safe trip to Dayton and we'll see you there.

  Tony - W9JXN
2008 Dayton Chairman

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