{Collins} Collins Communication Van at Dayton

Dear CCA and Friends,


As many of you know I am bringing the Collins Communication Van to Dayton this week, sponsored by the CCA!  The Van first came to Dayton in 1965, b

rought by Collins Radio Company!  I brought it to Dayton 31 years later in 1996 after its  restoration.  It is now coming again 43 years later!!  How quickly time goes by!  The Communications Van is a 1964 Ford Econoline Van (the first year Ford made the Van) with all the original specified Collins S-line equipment on board.  It will be set up inside the Hare Arena and fully operational.  We will be setting up an Antenna Research Associates HF Miniloop Antenna outside!  We will be using the W0CXX Call sign from the Collins Amateur Radio Club of Cedar Rapids as a special event.  Please plan to come and see the Van, operate the station inside, get your picture taken at the controls (bring your digital camera), and pick up a copy of the original brochure distributed as the Van was driven around the country in 1965.  The Collins Communications Van has many special features in its design and build-out and is certainly worth seeing!  Also I would like each one of you who would like to sign the back wall of the Van, just as other did years ago!


If any of you are coming to Dayton and have time Thursday after noon to help with the set up I would deeply appreciate it.  Please call me at 1-818-519-4419.  I left Bakersfield, Calif. Sunday night and am currently in Santa Rosa, New Mexico heading east!  See you there!


Jim Stitzinger, WA3CEX

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