{Collins} Re: 312B-4 questions, 32S-1 very low output

The knobs just unscrew:  Clockwise on,
counter-clockwise off.

There is no grill cloth on my 312B-4 (never has been).
 The grill is made from an aluminum plate which is
painted.  The plates with the lettering can be easily
removed as can be the meter and Collins logo.  If the
plate needs repainting then just strip, prime, and

Use of epoxy to repair the switch may be "iffy",
especially over the "long run".  I have soldered a
strip of brass (available at hobby stores that
specialize in in model aircraft) to what remains of
the shaft.  That works fine.  The strips normally sell
for about a dollar.

For the formulas from Sherwin-Williams for acrylic
paint for the trim ring and cabinet for the Collins
S-Line units go to


and then scroll down to the heading "Articles".  The
link for the formulas is the 8th one down.

Glen, K9STH

--- k4so@xxxxxxx wrote:

Now, on to my next "project." I have a hard-luck
312B-4 that I'm restoring. This will involve a paint
job to the case, but the two issues I'd like help with
are: 1. How do I get the black "handle" off of the
lever switch? (I say switch, because the top one is
broken completely off, so it's already removed!)

2. Does anyone have, or can someone direct me to
getting a new, black handle for the broken switch? I
don't have much metal to work with, but given the
relatively light load on the switch, some serious
epoxy should find enough left to keep it in place.

3. Does anyone have access to new grille cloth or have
a suggestion? I may be able to carefully clean this,
but there's a lot of dirt on it.

This unit will complete my S/Line nicely and I look
forward to putting in on the operating desk. At least
it's small! Even the 30L-1 was mostly a cleaning job,
not needing complete repainting. I've been advised to
wet sand what's there, since it's baked on, and top
coat it, which I'm most comfortable with, as opposed
to sandblasting, priming, and serious spray painting
in a booth. I will likely bake the new paint as well,
in the oven though.

Glen, K9STH

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