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Now that I've rested up. 

Avid DXer W5SJ, Bill Priakos, my dear friend (more like a brother) of over 60 years and I attended together. Also,Bill's QSL manager and gentleman Lynn Schriner, W5FO.  Lynn and I first QSO'd when we were both about 14 years old in the mid 1950's:

Dayton Hamvention  IS   "BIG".  All of it can NOT all be seen in two or three days.  But my body(and mind) couldn't take much more either.... HI.   :-)      

 The Collins presentation was very good and the people were very nice.  Hal Guretzky and his lovely wife Sandra were a pleasure to sit next to.  Met Floyd Soo, W8RO;  Rod Blocksome, K0DAS;  Brian Sokol, KA9SRK;  Mike  March, K4QU; Bill Carns, N7OTQ  and several others that I should have written down their names and calls.
Also attended the Contest Dinner... not being much of a contester, I enjoyed it anyway.  Talked to Bernie, W3UR, and many others.

I was told that the DX  Dinner was good too.   Hope they are on different nights next year.  Had a long chat with Bob Allphin, K4UEE (who has done many DXpeditions) at the gathering after the DX Dinner......that is, when I got back to the hotel after the Collins dinner.  He's such a gentleman.

Also met EY8MM-Nodir;  RL3BM-Mike, with his cigar;   UA3AGW, Dima   &  RA3RU, Vasy. 

Took the CW test that Mike Crabtree, AB0X(of Kans. City DX) administered.  Don't have any idea how good I did... it was a real bugger and challenging.  Plans are to possibly have it at the Dallas HamCom in June.

Visited with a very dear friend, Dr. David Filmer, W9DF, that I had not seen for many, many years. 
Made a new friend: VK5UR, Rod Cunningham.  We spent a lot of time together. He was not only interesting, but a gentleman as well.  Nice to meet you Rod.

NEXT YEAR: My wife, Elva, and I intend to be tailgating with our "stuff".  I'll do equipment and she will do her wonderful dust covers for Collins gear, plus others.

So for my wonderful "brother Bill" and I, WE SAY,   "IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN, YA GOTTA GO".......

See ya next year. 
Bob Hardie- W5UQ  Tampa, FL

fn:Bob Hardie, W5UQ Formerly W5EUQ(lost the Echo...Echo... Echo)
email;internet:W5EUQ@xxxxxxxxxxx AND bhardie@xxxxxxxxxx

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