{Collins} Collins Heath Station Monitor**Mint Condition**Rare** **This is a One Off Collins Experiment*Highly Desirable

Just a heads up for some of the new subscribers. The subject unit is currently on EBAY. They are implying that it may have been done over to match up with S-Line equipment by none other then Collins as an experimental unit. This is definitely not the case and the person listing it on EBAY knows it.

There are plenty of these around and they are still be made up by a couple of people. Newly made up ones have been listed on EBAY very recently so you can buy from known reputable people who have really gone through them and changed out all the caps and other out of tolerance components. They then rework the front panel and case to match up with your Collins gear. I know someone that has purchased two of them and he was very pleased with them.

If interested I could research it and find out who is making them up and you could contact them directly.

Kurt Keller

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