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If you aren't able to locate a T-3 and have to consider ReWinding, there is a nice ham (Gary) who does ReWinding. I am just not sure if he rewinds Audio apparatus. But here is his Email.


Good luck.


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By request, here's the rest of a sad New Year's Day story.

This morning I took on the task of replacing the ANTENNA and 4 Ohm RCA jacks with some nice teflon ones. The ANTENNA jack was a tough one. The other not too bad. I got those done finally and decided I had time to tackle the AC cord project before lunch. It needed some work to look presentable and to be safe to have around. I had a new 11-pin female connector with the lower-friction contacts and I began copying the wiring of the original as I attached an AC cord/plug.

The lesson: I should have followed the old carpenter's rule - measure twice and cut once. Well, I don't know if it was the smell of the ham and potato casserole Lani was cooking... I should have taken a break between tasks. Somehow I managed to wire the cord's AC Hot to pin 1 instead of pin 2. I then fired up the receiver (almost literally) and watched in horror as smoke arose over the chassis. After unplugging, feeling around for heat revealed the victim to be T3, the audio output transformer. For some reason Collins decided to connect a wire from the 4 Ohm jack to pin 1 of the power connector.

It's a coincidence that I'd just replaced the 4 Ohm jack. Anyway, I'm now looking for a replacement T3. Hopefully someone somewhere has a 75S-1 that, for some reason, they are parting out. I don't suppose this has ever happened to anyone before.

I did try SSN (Kurt), thanks. I don't think I overlooked any of his rather extensive menus looking for a Collins audio transformer. He did have some Collins transformers, just not this one. I sure hope I don't have to take the original apart and rewind it by hand. :)

Thanks, guys.

Dave K7TN

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