Re: {Collins} 75S-1 Audio Output T3


I just wanted to chime in here and let everyone know that Gary at Transformer Rewinding Service does EXCELLENT work. My 30S-1 transformer shorted to the frame recently and after several recommendations I sent it off to him. He rewound the transformer for less than the cost of a Peter Dahl replacement and completed the job in a very reasonable amount of time considering the amount of work involved. Now I have a brand new transformer that is a "drop-in" replacement since it is essentially the same iron with all new wiring, insulation, and lacquer. According to our conversations and his web site ( ) he does all kinds of transformers including small driver transformers for the HiFi guys which would be similar to your audio output transformer. It's a great way to go and no mods needed.

Happy New Year
Tony - W9JXN

Dave Braithwaite wrote:
Happy New Year everyone!

Can anyone tell me off-hand where I can find a replacement T3 audio output transformer for my 75S-1 ?

The manual shows the Collins Part No. as 667-0302-00 and that's what is stamped on the bad transformer. The unit has a primary of 2500 ohms and secondary of 500 ohms and 4 ohms.

The one I have is burnt. Don't ask. :)

Dave K7TN

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