Re: {Collins} regulated low voltage supply for S-line

What symptoms/problems are you trying to "fix" by doing this?

Remember RULE #1....  If it's NOT broken, don't try to fix it!!!  :)

Ian, K6SDE

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Subject: {Collins} regulated low voltage supply for S-line

G'day and happy new year to everyone, I am thinking about experimenting with
regulating the 275 volt 200 mA low voltage for the 32S-.  Does anyone have a
good design that might be suitable?  I was looking at the screen circuit of
the KWS-1 that uses a 6AS7 as a pass tube but that seems to be about a 35-40
mA load.  Would the 6AS7 handle the 200 mA load from the 32S-?  Any advice
appreciated, up to and including "not necessary."

Thanks and 73

Mike W2IY

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