{Collins} FS RE KWM2, 516-F2, PM-2

One more time.  I have a round emblem KWM2, a 516-F2 with case, and a PM-2 for sale.  The radio is in good shape with normal wear and tear for its age.  Paint is good, slight wear on face below plate/grid/ALC switch.  When I purchased the radio, the seller shipped the power supply in the case with the predictable result.  The case has a slight deformity to the bottom rear, but cannot be seen from the front.  The PM-2 works and looks good.  Asking $1,000.00 for all.  If it does not sell, it off to eBay land.  I have pictures upon request.
Hunter & Judy Ellington celtsrevenge@xxxxxxx WB9NJB720-560-8139

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