Re: {Collins} Question on setting up bias on KWM-2

> When setting up the bias on the KWM-2 is it best to set it up on the power
> supply with the radio disconnected from the supply using a DVM or should
> it be
> done while supply is connected to the KWM-2 using the procedure in the
> manual?

You should always adjust the bias to get 40mA resting current, and this can
only be done with the rig connected to the power supply. The actual voltage
doesn't matter, so long as the plate current is 40mA.

Somebody more knowledgeable than I may have other opinions, but I don't
think it is normal for the resting current to drift upwards. To me that
suggests either an unbalanced situation, with one 6146 carrying more than
its share of the load, or else a bad tube that should be replaced. 
Jim W8ZR

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