{Collins} For sale and Want


I have various duplicates (original not copies) of the Collins monthly and
Quarterly Magazines. All in like new condition.  The duplicates do not make
a full set but not missing too many neither.  I can offer to sell the issues
individually to people that want to complete their sets or as a lot to
someone that wants to complete the set.  Let me know what you need.

Also, I have one each of the 500 CW filter, 3.1 SSB filter, and the 6K AM
filter for the 75A4 that I will offer to sell.  These are original Collins
Filters not an after market units and both are in Excellent condition and
work perfectly.  

Finally, im looking for a 516F-1 power supply for the KWM-1 as well ass any
other accessories for the M1.

I can sell/buy for cash or work a trade deal.

73 Saad N5FF

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