Re: {Collins} 74A4 Vintage Manual pictures

I once owned number 5749. It is now owned by KF0HR.

Ron Skipper W8ACR

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1. I have a 75A4 with SN 5458 which I understand is late number.  From Mar
1971 the previous owner (SK) has written in the manual that SN 5638 was
latest serial number made.  Can anyone verify this info?

2. Also the manual I have is dated......

1 March 1955
3rd Edition  - 1 December 1956
2nd revision. - 15 July 1957  

Is there a later edition of the manual ?

3. Also I want to try and identify the various capacitors that may need to
be replaced.  I have info on what may  need to be done but its really
difficult to work from the photographs in Fig 5.3 page 1 showing the
location of the parts.

Would anyone have large photos with labels in higher resolution.?

73 Frank VO1HP


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