Re: {Collins} Kwm-380 question


I have not experienced what you see on the display. But I would like to ask a few questions.

At turn-on, while the last frequency is no longer displayed, is the radio tuned to the last frequency? If so, it would appear that the Kiron is OK. If not, does the radio start up around the same place when you start to tune? Or, is it truly a random shot in the dark as to where it lands?

When you say that you can enter a frequency or tune the dial, I assume that the radio works correctly in that respect. At that point, does the display work correctly? Is the abnormality solely at turn-on?

With respect to the Kiron battery backup, Kiron stated an expected lifetime of 40 years and indicated more life was possible. As you probably know, the batteries are sealed within a CMOS static RAM chip, Thomson-Mostek MK48Z02. Mouser carried the chip in the past, but a search on the Mouser site now crosses this device to an ST Microelectronics M48Z02-200PC1, and shows the availability as "Obsolete." However, Digi-Key lists this device under its Part No. 497-2867-5-ND. See:

The manufacturer provides the following specifications:

It would be nice to find the original MOSTEK specifications to compare.

Jerry, N4JL

At 12:19 PM 1/9/2009, Butch Schartau wrote:
When I turn on the radio, it no longer displays the last freq., just random
numbers. I can enter frequencies in with the key pad or tune the main knob,
has the battery in the Kiron chip died? or what?

Butch K0BS

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