Re: {Collins} Miniature tube socket contact brushes

That's the best idea yet!  I tried many items including soft wooden
toothpicks soaked in DeOxit, but all are less than perfect.


On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 10:52 AM, Bill Cotter <n4lg@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Several years ago I had my Hickok-6000 calibrated by one of the last of the
> tube-tester technicians, I have since forgotten his name. Anyway, he sold a
> selection of tube socket contact-cleaning brushes for a lot of dollars, so
> much so I never purchased any.
> Over the years I've tried a number of methods for cleaning the contacts with
> mixed results. Whatever tool I used was in conjunction with ethyl-alcohol,
> DeOxit or a Caig product. Generally, the best device was a series of small
> pipe cleaners designed for art work and sold in a local hobby shop.
> This weekend I found the best tool so far and it was right under my nose in
> the grocery store. While looking for a stiff floss for my wife, I found some
> very tiny, tapered, nylon-bristled interdental brushes. These are sold in
> the floss section under the GUM brand, stock number 3614, in a green blister
> pack for $2.50 (seven brushes and holder).
> A drop of DeOxit on the tip of the brush easily cleans the tube socket
> contact. And, they can be washed gently and reused.
> 73 Bill N4LG
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