{Collins} Bristoll wrenches

If my long term recollections are right , in the US Navy the Collins R-390A's Had clips on the back panels Or inside of chassis that held a Bristoll wrench so you always had one available for pulling panel knobs and working on drivetrains. Of course these in fact were soon pulled and kept in tool boxes or put away. These were about 6 to 8 inches long and had a t cross bar at top to turn with. Funny the way the supply works but in the 60's we were ordering a couple of replacement knobs and found out that they would cost 100.00 to order one. now these were fine cast aluminum sturdy knobs but that was unreasonable. further research found that they had to be made up and to setup an order it cost the 100.00 but cost was actually say 6.00 or so each. We ordered the full 100.00 worth and put out the word to other commands that if they needed any to call us!! KE7VSC

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