Re: {Collins} KWM-2A Calibration

Thank you all for setting me straight. To check it out, I can switch from 
LSB to USB, the beat stays at zero, and the louder sideband changes side: 
all just as it should!

Thanks again; I don't know what I'd do without this Collins group.

        Bob  W6KCA

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That is because of mechanical filter and the fact that you are receiving 
using the SSB mode.  The lower the received frequency the stronger the 
calibrate signal is going to be so that the difference in "sound" is going 
to be less.  In a "perfect" world you would only hear the signal on one 
side.  However, the attenuation in the mechanical filter is only about 40 dB 
so you are going to hear the "unwanted" sideband although at a much reduced 

Remember that the strength of the 100 kHz calibrator decreases as the 
harmonic number increases.  Therefore, the strength is going to be a lot 
more at 3.5 MHz than at 28.5 MHz.

Glen, K9STH


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Why is it that only on some frequencies or bands when I switch to "Cal" I 
can hear one side of the zero beat much louder than the other side?

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