{Collins} Collins Coupler CU-282, more information!

Hi all
being able to read the Italian web site text, I would like to add the following:

Please go to http://www.arimonza.it/kits/files/L2002%20Specifiche%20Tecniche%2002.pdf
which are the technical specifications for this project including a great number of circuit diagrams, pictures and tables also for the CU-282 itself. This is a kit project where a power supply and a digital controller for the CU-282 are built from scratch with modern components. There is also a reference to a QST article Jan 1996 by Dwayne Kincaid WD80YG which apparently formed part of the basis for this design.

On page 8 of said document you will find a circuit diagram of the digital controller including on page 9 a layout of the connectors. J1 which goes to the CU-282 shows the wires labeled for the various inductances and capacitors (10 ea.). So the CU-282 appears to need digital input to control the
 settings of the circuit elements as it does not in itself tune the antenna. The digital interface as per this description incorporates an SWR meter and does appear to do that, but you are supposed to find some base settings yourself which are then stored - thus the system here is called semiautomatic. I did however not completely study these instructions YMMV.

>From page 20 onwards you will find a number of good pictures of the CU-282 itself, also from the inside showing the discrete coils and capacitors. There are diagrams and tables of the thus available switched values. Please note that modifications to the CU-282 are needed for operation with this controller described.

I hope this information helps to clarify at least some of the topics raised in this thread.

Have fun with your radios
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