{Collins} For Sale: Howard Mils restored 75A4 and speaker

Howard Mills Restored 75A-4 with all 3 Collins Filters and Matching Howard
Mills Restored 270G-1 
75A-4 Serial # 46XX
270G-1 Serial #941
Both pieces Flawless!
Non Smoking Shack of course
Pictures available upon request
$2500.00 Firm for both pieces plus proper shipping.
PayPal OK, add 3%.

Phil W9DVM
Philip LaMarche 
LaMarche Enterprises, Inc.
www.instantgourmetspices.com <http://www.instantgourmetspices.com/> 

www.w9dvm.com <http://www.w9dvm.com/>  
800-395-7795 pin 02 
FAX 727-937-8834 
NASFT 30210 

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