Re: {Collins} Values of Collins gear, was: Collins KWM-2A xcvr

Just deleted a post having to do with Collins receivers versus Heath and the
S line was down the list a piece.  I'm not sure why.  I will contribute
this.  Over the last 10 years, CQ and QST have run several tests comparing
various receivers for a lot of things.  The 75S3B and C ALWAYS win.  They
have the lowest noise floor and the greatest sensitivity, followed next by
the Drake C and B line. Bob Sherwood who builds the mods for the C line
agrees. I will say that I don't run CW.  I can't hear well and I get tired
of retuning the receiver to get around the ringing in my ears.  So I use SSB
and AM (no AM on an S line or KWM-2).  Therefore my remarks about equipment
in prefaced with that.  I will also say that WHEN I WAS working on my CW for
20 WPM, the Heath HW-101 worked VERY WELL.  Of course I didn't have an S
line then.

Kim Herron W8ZV

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