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Right on George and it's the "treasure" hunts , the "finds" and the glowin that keeps it interesting.


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I guess I'll put my two cents worth into the cost/value issue.

Like it or not, values are set by a buyer who is willing to pay for something getting together with a seller who is willing to sell the item for his offered price. That is the "tenant" of appraisals. As such, the auction place (ePay, in this case) can set the general market value of an item. There are always bargains out there, but it often takes a lot of work to find them. One of the reasons the prices remain high despite the general tumbling of the economy is
that there are still a lot of "gottahavits" out there who are riding their
credit cards. When these people become "haftasellits," then prices may come
down, but not necessarily.

Often when the stock market plunges, people who are pulling out of stocks are buying "collectables." You can really see that in the antique firearms market
where prices still seem to be rising.

I bought my first S-line (75S-1/32S-1 and power supply) from the original owner with the original boxes and invoices in 1982 for $375. Later the same year I bought a KWM-2A, 312B-4, 516F-2, mike, antenna, and all the manuals for $550. Were they bargains? The S-Line probably was, but there were a lot around for $400 or so (in the Yellow Sheets). The KWM-2A was what I considered the "market price" at the time. Several years earlier I bought the "Gold Dust Twins" for $600 and he delivered them half way across the state. I don't think we will ever see those days again. In the late 1980's I sold them for about $100 more
and thought that was a good price.

Last fall I was dickering with a guy for a KWM-2, 516F-2, and MM-2 for $750. I thought that was a real bargain, but ended up passing. I think that was the price he finally sold them for though. Bargains are out there if you can find them. It won't be on ePay, or probably anywhere else on the internet. It is like looking for that "Old Chevie" in an old ramshackle barn that turns out to
be a 1965 Corvette with 2500 miles on the odometer!

Keep the filaments glowing,


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