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I've been an active ham for over 40 years, but only 3 years ago became interested in collecting  Collins (A-line) gear.  I'm not the kind of person who enjoys, has the patience for, or has time to hunt and wait for the best deals to come along, so it's no surprise most of my Collins gear was purchased at or near typical market values (Gold Dust Twins and other A-line gear).  

I also recently discovered and began reading old copies of Electric Radio magazine and noticed that average used prices of good clean Collins gear has much more than doubled over the last 8 to 10 years.  Obviously there are still many amateur's that enjoy either; leaving the plug-in & talk world behind, or just enjoy having and using both modern, as well as, older gear in their shacks.  

So it seems we're currently dealing with the good ol' supply and demand scenario.  And if  more and more hams become smitten and bitten by the Collins collect bug, and there's a finite number of gear available (especially good clean or restored Collins gear), the value curve will more than likely continue to increase.  And even though the poor economy has reduced potential buyers, there are still people with the means to purchase this equipment, even at top prices.  Sales on ebay is a good indicator.    

Here's my question.  Will the Collins buyer pool eventually disappear?  

As newer and more innovative amateur equipment becomes available to the amateur buying public, and the population of older generation begin to be replaced by the "Candy Store/Plug & Play generation," and especially if overall amateur numbers decline, will the Collins equipment value curve begin to decline and eventually disappear?  Or will some of the current collector enthusiasm rub-off onto the newer generation and keep Collins prices on an increase?        

Butch Quallich

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