Re: {Collins} Collins Values

There are a couple of different views on this one and probably no  one can 
predict accurately which way it will go for Collins or any other  vintage 
equipment we consider to be collectible today. One  view presented below which 
predicts diminishing demand makes a lot of sense  and many feel this is what will 
eventually happen but what about the early  wireless equipment values? Some of 
that stuff is now over 100 years old  and skyrocketing in recent years and the 
high demand for it and increasing  prices isn't because the guys buying it 
couldn't afford it as a kid. 
Regards, Greg

>"Here's my question.  Will the Collins buyer pool eventually  disappear?  Or 
will some of the current collector >enthusiasm rub-off  onto the newer 
generation and keep Collins prices on an increase?"  
> Butch Quallich
>>"I've wondered this myself...according to most demographics, the  
>>population of fellows (let's face it, with the older stuff, only the  men 
>>are interested) should be falling....that it turn, should lead  to lower 
>>prices as demand falls... As the ham population drops,  theoretically, 
there should 
>>come a time when this equipment isn't  worth  anything...."


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