Re: {Collins} 32RS-1

On Jun 6, 2009, at 8:06 PM, Tom Elmore wrote:

All, I have a chance to pick up a 32RS-1 transceiver but not sure it is
strictly AM or SSB.

It appears to be a 4 channel fixed frequency

Yes it is, The manual says it's an SSB transmitter operating on the UPPER sideband with four frequency channels. One crystal for each channel
 sets the channel frequency.

Anyone know the specs on this unit or where I can find a manual
for it?

I have here the multi-file manual, about 15 mb total. I found it on the CCA website, though just at the moment the site seems to be under construction. This is the URL I found in my notes file.. it may have changed I don't know.

I have a brief notes file on the thing which includes the identification of a phone patch unit I have as being part of that radio. 'Glad to send that to you if you like.

It sounds like this thing operates Upper sideband only. The book says 1.6 to 15 mc. 100 watts PEP from two 6146's.


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