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Not sure about the manual right now Tom. I have one but still has not shown up yet after the move and boxes still packed. But I may be able to help you as time goes on.

32RS-1 standard transceiver is SSB (USB) on 4 separate xtal controlled channels in the 2-30 range. Freq range is from memory and it could be slightly smaller.

That being said, Collins did make a AM only (It was SSB injected carrier) version of the 32RS-1 for the Canadian version of the Forestry Service. They are quite rare. I have the only one I have ever seen or heard of. You can tell it is a AM version by the presence of a carrier control knob on the front panel. In all likelihood, the one you are getting is USB only.

You will enjoy it. Make sure you pick up all the coils and stuff that the guy has for channel tuning. There are plug-in RF cans (small) and PA plug-in assemblies.


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  All, I have a chance to pick up a 32RS-1 transceiver but not sure it is
strictly AM or SSB. It appears to be a 4 channel fixed frequency
transceiver. Anyone know the specs on this unit or where I can find a manual
for it?

Thank You

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