{Collins} Collins Bonanza at Dallas Hamcomm

I will be journeying from Denver to Dallas next week for Hamcomm.   I am going to bring many extra Collins items for sale.  I am not a dealer, just a guy trying to lighten the load.   I will be in the parking lot (unfortunately not inside) in a gray Ford F-150 with a gray topper and a Hustler whip on the back.   Here is the list:

KWM-2 WE s/n 10614    $700
516F-2  WE s/n 626         $250
312B4 RE s/n 71208         $200  yellowed trim ring

AOR DDS-2 VFO (early model) s/n 151 (does not have RS232 port)   $700

75S-1 w/cw filter s/n 2904  $400
32S-1    s/n 1354               $400
516F-2 WE   s/n 3243       $250

32S-1 late s/n 11897          $450 (very clean)
516F-2  s/n 11110              $300
All  (3) 516F-2s have a speaker in them.

DX Eng LC-1-32S speech processor s/n5839    $150

75A-2 w/ no Collins cab but I can provide a cab.   This one has a minor problem in the 3rd IF can but works well otherwise, dials nice.  S/N 1200   No cab $250, w/cab $300

70K-3 (618T)  $50
70E-11 (708)   $50

If there is interest I also have:
KWS-1 s/n 1071 one of the last with an ALC knob.  Dials very clean.  Works fine 20,15,10m, but has a problem on 80m with tuning.  Possibly needs a new screen bypass (maybe not) and maybe loose a few black beauty caps.  I will only bring if I have a PRE-committment from someone.   $1600

Likewise a relly nice 312A-1 speaker with original Lumiline lamp, and 1 extra bulb.  s/n 31  Orig spkr. It has 2 holes in the grill in the lower left with hole plugs.   The holes were made for a Collins phone patch 189A-1 which I will include.   $1000.  Won't hurt my feelings to keep it with my 75A-4.

All equipment is working and nice.   If you have a question or two, I will be happy to answer.  Feel free to call cell 303 506 7575.

CU there!
73 Keith K0KE

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