{Collins} Collins 20V and 30K1 for sale with price reduction

Equipment is located in Dallas. I can ship it CONUS anywhere. The shipping
requires placing the equipment on a pallet. I have professionals that know
how to do this.

If you are interested in owning a piece of history now is the time.

The 30K1/310A does not require any restoration.

This pair is very rare. It is believed that only 75 units were produced
including the output loading control implying that this unit is very late
production. This 30K1 includes both tank finals covering all of the ham
bands through front panel switching. The matching exciter is in excellent
physical condition making the pair very rare and a highly desirable
collectable. This physical condition of both units is beautiful. There is no
need for any restoration saving you thousands of dollars and the incredible
hassle of shipping a 6 ft. tall cabinet of equipment to a restoration

The 20V has been 100% restored (just beautiful) and set up for 80M AM
operation. It includes a digitally synthesized VFO custom designed for the
application allowing simple exact frequency selection (simple QSY on 80M)

Email for new price and pictures.

H. Dave Meitzen AA9TT
Cell: 214 693 2311
Skype ID - dmeitzen - schedule call please

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