{Collins} 30L-1 - R10 Value ( In meter circuit to set current scale.)


I'm trying to resolve an apparent discrepancy for the published value of R10 in the 30L-1. I have a copy of the 4 th edition of the manual and have down loaded a copy of the 5 th edition. In both of these, the value of R10 is shown to be 1960 Ohms. This is not correct. I'm trying to find out in what editions of the manual it shows R10 to be something like 1718 Ohms.

If you could, would you please look in your 30L-1 manual and let me know what it shows R10's value to be along with the number of your edition and its publication date. ( You might also check the schematic against the parts list value.)

Thank you for your help.

Dick, K5IU

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