Re: {Collins} What's this? 5814 Input Amplifier PL6

Bob Myers wrote:

Before I take it apart, I'd like to know if anyone recognizes the label. I'm thinking it is a homebrew product detector.

Bob, that sounds exactly like the product detector I mentioned a while back, where I cloned the circuit from the 75A-4 for my 75A-3. If you're interested in checking it out, my bet it you'll find that it is pretty similar to the 75A-4 schematic. I'd say the person who built it recycled some kind of small chassis and that the markings are irrelevant.

If you want to restore the radio to the original BFO, chances are that you'll need to replace or rewire the 10pf BFO coupling cap C-92 to the match the original 75A-3 circuit to provide BFO injection in the CW position.

73, Bob W9RAN

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