{Collins} 32v3 Grab Bag

I just got my restored 32V3 back from Howard Mills & included with it was a bag of hardware, etc. In it is a complete set of unpolished knobs, two original pull handles (they also need polishing), two 4 mfd can caps, a porcelain tube socket, female "N" connector, lots of screws & washers, old resistors, caps, two 5R4GYs, two 5Z4s and an OB2. Guessing the tubes are most likely soft or Howard wouldn't have replaced them. 

The XYL & my daughter want to take me to a movie for Dad's Day (on me - something's wrong with this picture), so the first $25 takes all. I'll ship it Parcel Post - my nickel. 

Thanks & 73, 


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